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Do you want to know what’s going on in popular music but don’t feel like sifting through the internet to find out? If you answered yes, then welcome to Last Row, a music podcast for the fans in the back. From news and concert reviews to artists on the rise and the best new music, we’ll give you a weekly rundown of what’s happening in pop, rap, rock, and even country. 

Hosted by Josh Morrissey and Christine Werthman.


Jul 30, 2019

We explain Old Town Road's journey from a Nine Inch Nails banjo sample, to Billy Ray Cyrus, to the longest running #1 song in the history of popular music.

We also discuss the troubled Woodstock 50th anniversary concert, this past weekend’s Newport Folk Festival, and the new Chance the Rapper album.

Last Row is hosted by Josh Morrissey & Christine Werthman

Theme music by Bobby Slay

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